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UniPDF -Business

Creating and Editing PDF Files in Golang



Creating and processing Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in Golang



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UniPDF and UniOffice in a single license — Best Deal




Are the licenses perpetual?

All licenses are perpetual - the last version one was eligible to use is forever valid.
One year of updates is included with all packages. A subscription fee of 20% of initial charge is collected annually to maintain access to newer versions.

How do i get rid of watermark in my PDF?

The watermark appears only for unlicensed instances of UniDoc. After applying a license it will go away.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes we have a 14 days try before you buy. You can fill out our form and have a license key sent to your email address. Afterwards you can learn how to use the license key here.

Do i need to license my test servers?

No, only production servers count. You can have as many testing and staging servers as you want.

How many servers do I need if deploying in the cloud?

As the cloud is built to scale and is distributed in nature, a Business license is needed.

Can I distribute UniDoc with my application to my customers?

Yes, all licenses are Royalty-Free.

Do I need to renew my subscription?

All purchases come with 1 year of updates included. To maintain access to the newest releases of our products we charge an annual subscription fee which is 20% of the initial purchase charge. If the annual subscription is cancelled and not renewed within the update eligibility period, a new purchase must be made (including initial charge).

Can I cancel my annual update subscription?

Yes you can, and if you do, you can still use the latest version of the product for which you were eligible. However, if you want to get updates in the future you need to repurchase.

Where can I find your EULA (End User License Agreement)?

Our EULA covers all of our products and is located here.

Can I make changes to the EULA?

For enterprise customers that want a customised EULA, there is a EULA reviewing/processing fee as we need to get our lawyers involved. The fee varies depending on the scope of changes required. Please contact us for details.

What payment processor do you use?

All payments and fulfillments are processed by FastSpring.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we offer various support packages see here.